Save the Flock:

A Design Campaign Addressing Issues in the Exotic Parrot Trade

There are many problems prevalent in the exotic parrot trade industry, namely animal abuse. For this campaign, I wanted to help address this abuse by spreading information about parrots and their unique and complex care needs. To do this, I chose to target people who might buy a parrot on impulse, along with people who already have parrots as pets but may not know all the proper care requirements.  I created an identity system, an app, a website, a custom-coded JavaScript quiz, and print collaterals that could be displayed at pet stores, veterinary clinics, and animal shelters.

For the identity system, I chose a minimal geometric style logo contrasted by a scripted header font. Originally, the color palette was much more saturated, but I found that the muted pastels were more calming to the eye and flowed better with my fonts and graphics. I created several different lockups for different potential uses, but ended up using the small circle version of the logo the most, as it is the most simple and clean.

The app is targeted mainly for people who already own parrots, or for people who just acquired a pet parrot and don’t know where to begin. It has a variety of features such as a place to input your bird’s weight daily, a symptom tracker to tell if your parrot is ill, a diet page that goes into great detail about the complex dietary needs of pet parrots, and so much more. I used a very sharp, geometric style to match the geometric logo. This was my first experience in UX/UI app design, and I really enjoyed it!

The website is mostly focused on spreading information and is targeted to impulse buyers and current parrot owners alike.

The custom-coded JavaScript quiz was a part of my thesis during my senior year at Ball State. This is a quiz you might take before you get a pet bird to see if a parrot is a good fit for your lifestyle. I created this quiz to learn more about using JavaScript and to hone my technical skills.

The print collaterals are meant as take-aways that would direct my target audience to the website and app. They could be displayed at pet stores, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, or even nature centers. The poster explains the very basics of parrot care and gives a warning on how difficult of a pet parrots can be, while the post cards provide species-specific information for the recipient and advertises my app and website on the back side.